In 2017 Maya Pedal constructed 60 houses in eight impoverished neighborhoods of Itzapa. The 2018 goal for those neighborhoods is to provide clean water. Each neighborhood receives a Maya Pedal bicycle pump, which draws up to 35 meters deep, and a Maya Pedal water filter. If your organization or family wishes to adopt a neighborhood, the cost per project, 2 machines, is 450$ US. Below you can find information about the individual neighborhoods.

Other communities have different needs, such as blender bikes, B,  or grain mills, G, or coffee bean de-pulpers, C., Water pumps, BB (bicibomba)  See below for a list of needs and giving opportunities.


Montellano                 8                    WF/BB.     Cuidad Vieja Cycle Club, ANTIGUA

El Porvenenir              5                  WF/BB.      FREE CYCLE MISSOULA, MONTANA

San Francisco               18

Xejuyu                             3                   BB/WF       Doren Renfrow

Pinada                              3.                  BB/WF

Pacahay Las Lomas        5.                  BB/G

Chimixaya                      20                  B/G       UMF CHURCH, COLUMBIA FALLS, MONT

Images of the neighborhoods