Board of Directors

Mario Juárez – Director and Legal Representative

IMG_20170419_150526 Mario Juarez Siquinajay Kaqchiquel-speaking Indigenous son of Elena Siquinajay and Enrique Juarez, Co-founder of Maya Pedal, along with Richard Andrews of Canada. A worked with bicimaquinas since 1998, currently defines his dreams to benefit families with scarce resources in rural areas of Guatemala. And currently work the logistics of maya pedal with Deve Renfrow of the city of Montana.

María Veronica Buch – President

10Veronica has a degree in Social Work, is an important person in the strategies of Maya Pedal, for her vast experience in group management and working with girls. She is currently the national coordinator of girls lead in Guatemala. Veronica contributes her volunteer time as president of maya pedal.

Matilde Salvajan Tataguin – Vice President

Elena Siquinajay – Treasurer

Dumilia Buch – Secretary

Roselia Jorge – Titular vocal

Carlos Juárez – Logistic Support

Workshop and Office

Mario Juárez – Director

Mario David Salvajan y Aroldo Iquique – Technician

Danha Alvarado – Assistant of Mario,  administrator.

Melody Juarez Example of girls leadership